About Barracuda Bo'ness

Bo'ness, is a town with a rich history and a taste for the finer things. If deserve delicious and convenient takeaway options? That's where Barracuda Bo'ness comes in, swimming into your life with a menu as diverse and vibrant as the ocean itself. We're not just another chippy, although we proudly boast some of the best fish and chips in town. Our freshly sourced haddock, encased in our signature light and crispy batter, is a true takeaway treat.

But Barracuda Bo'ness is so much more! We understand that taste buds crave variety, and that's why we offer a menu overflowing with options to tantalise yours. Picture piping hot pizzas, crafted with fresh dough and piled high with your favourite toppings. Do you yearn for the savoury goodness of a kebab? We have a variety of marinated meats and crisp salads waiting to satisfy.

In the mood for something comforting and classically Italian? Dive into our hearty pasta dishes, like our ever-popular pasta dishes, guaranteed to leave you feeling happy and content. And let's not forget the juicy satisfaction of a perfectly grilled burger. We stack ours with fresh toppings for a flavour explosion in every bite.

We're passionate about using only the freshest ingredients. We believe in quality, from the first cut of fish to the last drizzle of sauce on your pizza. We take pride in our cooking methods, ensuring each dish is prepared with care and expertise. We want your takeaway experience to be consistently delicious, a satisfying escape from the everyday.

Don't have time to browse online? Give us a call at 01506 826722. Our friendly staff is always happy to help you choose the perfect meal and ensure fast and efficient service.


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